Energy Saving Quest for Schools
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The Energy Saving Quest for schools is an energy awareness project formed in 2007 by professional Building Energy Assessors, with the intention of providing PRACTICAL knowledge to the public on home energy efficiency.

E.S.Q own  entire  copyright and Trademarks  of the Energy Saving Quest for Schools Program


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Our Address is 103, Severn Road, Weston-Super-Mare,Somerset.U.K.


Terms & Conditions

The Energy Saving Quest for Schools Program and all related literature is designed for Schools to use as an Educational device to enable the advancement of Education in the subject of home energy, and is not to be used or be relied upon for any other practical calculation of energy related data.

The project shall be free to all schools to use within the U.K.

The copyright of the program Energy Saving Quest for Schools and all questionnaires and related literature is owned by  E.S.Q of 103, Severn  Road, Weston-Super-Mare. Someset. U.K. Illegal or unlicensed usage of the program or its related literature is not permitted without permission from E.S.Q. in writing. Participants of the Energy Saving Quest , do so at their own risk .No responsibility is accepted by E.S.Q. for any damages incurred either bodily or to property by any participant taking part in any of the elements required to comp[ete the program, whether it is damages caused by research for the questionnaire, or the entering of the information to the program. Further no responsibility is accepted by E.S.Q. for the accuracy of the reports produced by the program as we as a company have no control over the level of accuracy of the information gathered that is fed into the program by any participant. The reports produced by the Energy Saving Quest for Schools program are NOT Government registered Energy Performance Certificates and as such are not valid for any transaction involving the sale or rent of any property, either domestic dwellings or commercial properties.


Copyright Energy Saving Quest . 2007 -2013 All Rights Reserved



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